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Sunday, March 29, 2015

// Every Good Thing That Has Happened In Your Life Happened Because Something Changed //

// Help Find Heather Elvis //

It has been 15 months, 15 long and pain filled months, the agony of not having our daughter Heather with us is still as unbearable as it was that first night after knowing something was wrong. Nights are still filled with nightmares if sleep does come, daylight brings new questions and very few answers. We continue to struggle with the inability to understand the reasons for this length of time without someone stepping up and telling what they know. We still struggle to understand why people who know nothing of our family can pen the wildest accusations day after day and think nothing of it. We still struggle to find our daughter Heather and to find the justice for actions of those who are responsible. We continue to pray when prayers seem to go unanswered but all the while knowing that prayer is answered in His time not ours. We struggle to understand how a person or persons can be so cruel and heartless as to allow a family to suffer and search for answers and still hold their tongue and say nothing. We still struggle to understand how nameless people hide behind a keyboard and spew the most vile ideas they can come up with in their sick and twisted minds and still sleep at night. Those same nameless people who claim to be trying to help us find our daughter Heather are able to justify their actions in their minds but God only knows how or why and we struggle to understand why God does not strike them down for the level of ungodly actions they have done. Yes, we struggle and we struggle every second of every day, looking for answers and trying to keep our lives intact. We continue to ask God for His blessings and His wisdom so that we might find the path to answers.
Evil walks among us and scoffs at the situation but truth and justice will triumph over wickedness and deception in the end. There can be no rest for our family until we have our daughter Heather and the whole story is revealed by those who hold back the truth.
Those who under false names and fake identities seek to disrupt the search for truth by way of slander and character assassination only bring upon themselves disgrace and ridicule, the ones who hide their names only reveal their cowardice and lack of credibility. Darkness is always revealed in the light and the light is getting brighter by each day that passes. Our family will stand united as always and will be under the authority of God, we will weather the storm. We will find the answers and we will know the truth because our God is a mighty God and transgressions against His people do not go unpunished.
Heather, wherever you are, you are not alone, you are not forgotten and you are loved and missed dearly. We will never give up and we will never stop searching for you and the truth, for as long as there is a heartbeat in our bodies there will be a mission in our hearts. Not a single hour passes that you are not on our minds and in our hearts.
To those who continue to harass and stalk our family, make no mistake in your thoughts that your actions have any bearing on our family, make no mistake in thinking that your actions are immune from consequence and make no mistake by thinking that you are unknown.....
God grant us the wisdom to understand your whispers, grant us the peace we seek in our hearts and trouble the hearts and minds of those who hold the answers so that they might gain relief only by speaking the truth and proclaiming your name, make heavy the hearts of those who speak vile and evil words in order to distract from the truth and make the words they speak so painful that to even think the thoughts would bring them to their knees and cry out your name for peace. In your wisdom and in your mercy there is life, Lord if this be your will and in your Holy plan we ask that you hear and answer our prayers.