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Saturday, July 23, 2016

// DNC Corrupt // WiKiLeaks // If you're still thinking the system isn't rigged ... shush right now // DNCLeak proves it // Clintons at their worse //

  1. If the colluded on against Bernie, Everything they report on Trump will be tainted as well.
  2. was trending #1. pulls it from the list completely, gets called on it, then replaces it with to cover themselves
  3. Now if Putin would release the OTHER 20k Hitlery emails it would be just like Christmas in July! lmao!!!
    1. This has me thinking. I despise DT but Hillary is ALTOGETHER crooked and corrupt. She shouldn't ever be POTUS!
    2. CNN, DNC, DWS, & HRC - sittin' in a tree - C-O-R-R-U-P-T!

    3. Debbie, how dare you and the DNC ruin this for us! Plotting against Bernie is unethical!
    4. I wouldnt give Hillary benefit of doubt on anything after Private Server Lynch Bill Comey HVF Rigged primary Clinton Foundation
    5. Breaking - The Democratic Election is a Farce - via .
    6. Get you a party that can do both

    7. shows: ✔️Collusion between DNC & media ✔️Plotting to smear Sanders ✔️Questionable fundraising for HRC & DNC
    8. Leaked emails reveal Politico reporter made 'agreement' to send DNC advanced Clinton story
    9. Where is the lie?

    10. We have no chance as a democracy with reporters like and media like . Today’s is embarrassing.
    11. Hey look . our . at the Any Words?!?!? . . .

    12. If you're not pissed by the , you're likely part of the problem. Sanders was screwed and so were American voters.
    13. This is why I cannot morally vote for Hillary. Democrats have their own agenda & they're NOT for the people
    14. The amount of times Bernie was asked about belief in God and didn't cry antisemitism vs. Hillary crying wolf at imagined sexism

      1. WOW: DNC sent interns to protest RNC when "allies" didnt come! CNN & MSNBC covered as successful protest!
      2. Twitter employees currently trying to delete tweets
      3. The proved that they system was rigged against the whole time. It's time for his supporters to join the