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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

// Why // Blame Whites ?? // Come On //

// Ferguson True Victims //

  1. We should help the true victims in , the business owners, the schools, the people who actually live there. Pray for them all.

// Ferguson // Non-Sense //

  1. I never understood why blacks burn down the black owned businesses if they feel the crime was racially motivated.
  2. If happened overseas, the truth of injustice would be more obvious? "Familiarity" breed contempt. Power can justify ANYTHING.
  3. are the rulers of the police/army that inflicts the brutality on PoC & Working people here & abroad.

// Hope and Change ?? //


// Looting Idiots //

Troy Capps's photo.

// Twitter Chat // Views On Riots // Burning Down Businesses //

  1. So let me get this straight: you're gonna protest a violent act by burning... down... buildings...
  2. You don't believe needs you and loves you MEN, then you have lied too. There is more to life that what you see.
  3. we must stand in SOLIDARITY. We must do more than just raise awareness. We must make change happen ourselves.
  4. Failure Three: Coached testimony by officer given too much weight in light of failure to file incident report.