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Monday, April 20, 2015



// Thugs In Our Cities // This Is Why We Need Police Officer's !! //

This Is Why We Need Police Officer's !!

                 WHY ARE THEY MAKING GANG SIGNS ?!

// Education In Our Prisons //

Education In Our Prisons

 We strongly believe that we should educate inmates while in Prison. During their stay, Inmates should not only be punished for the crime they committed but they should also be given the opportunity to better educate themselves to prevent them from ending up back in prison. Obviously these inmates didn't have someone to make sure they were doing the right thing so as a country we have an obligation to better our citizens and teach them how to be become successful and better people in general. How do we expect criminals to not commit more crimes when they are released from prison if we don't rehabilitate & educate them while they're in prison? As stated in the article "If a person has an educational experience in prison, they are most likely to succeed in not coming back". Education will give inmates a level of confidence that they've never experienced before which will lead to a better chance of receiving employment. We often hear about the term "career criminal" and this is because most inmates only know how to commit crime. If we teach them the proper life skills to better prepare them  for the world after prison, they will have a much better chance of living a crime free life.

// Heather Elvis Murder Suspects Being Tracked // Tammy and Sidney Moorer //

 The couple accused of Kidnapping and Murdering Heather Elvis Were Released from jail to be Monitored with Tracking Devices.

Both Heather Elvis murder suspects released after 
Bond Hearing

The Device will be worn on the Ankle and can track the Moorers' location throughout the Country, according to the Horry County Sheriff's Office Home Detention Unit. The device is tamper-proof.
A red circle indicates the five-mile radius around the victims' frequent places visited.
If the Moorers enter the zone, officers will be notified with alerts, instantly, said Captain Carmen Mureddu.
Incidental contact is allowed, as long as it is not within a designated zone.
The Horry County Sheriff's Office said one to two home visits are scheduled weekly.
The Moorers must check in on a weekly basis and pay $70 per week for the device.
The Monitoring Device can track the Moorers' location 24/7.
Sometimes, the devices will malfunction but the sheriff's office said it is rare.
As long as there is GPS signal, [suspects] can be tracked anywhere in the world.
The device doesn't track in real-time, but updates every minute with location information.
The device is waterproof, and any type of tampering will result in home detention showing up at location, Mureddu said.
The Moorers are responsible for charging the device.
The Devices costs about $1500.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

// All Lives Matter //

  If the News Media keeps it up with The Race Baiters there will a Race Riots / Mobs.

This Thing about Poor Blacks is Silly. Seen in my Life Time More Whites Beaten

Senseless Than Blacks. Not all but Some Blacks Love To Put Their Hands on a

White Person.

 Answered Call's Were Blacks Had Beaten and Stole Whites Vehicles all because they

had a Drug Problem. They Pull in and instead of Buying Crack or Weed They Get

Beaten and Car Jacked.

 CNN, NBC, CBS, Ect. and Rest of Them Clowns Never Cover Such Things.

Whites Lives Don't Matter ....

Only Poor Blacks ????

// More Than 300,000 Lives Lost In Syria // Assad Should Step Down Or Russia, China and The US Should See To It // The 3 Super Powers Have Got To Stop This War // Or God Will Have No Mercy Upon Us //

Saturday, April 18, 2015

// Just Shut Up and Crown Her - Hillary Clinton // The Murderer //

Just Shut Up and Crown Her

Alan Colmes annoys me. If the news of the day was that Hillary Clinton ate kittens for breakfast, he'd defend her by saying it lowers greenhouse gas emissions, or something.

Anyway, he recently defended Hillary Clinton's Past Record of Scandals and Evidence she might not pass a Turing test (although if this article is right, she would easily pass) by slamming the past of George W. Bush for "starting two wars."

One, I was--SQUIRREL!!--unaware Bush 43 was running again.

Two, wasn't one of those 2 Wars the "Good" War of Afghanistan?

Three, wasn't the second one--Iraq--actually good enough given that in 2014 President Obama sent our forces back to Iraq to defend what we won under Bush there?

And four, I count President Obama ahead in the war count.

But I guess I just never realized how cool war could be! Still, I have to admit that the difference between a good and bad war rests on some prettynuanced distinctions