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Sunday, June 26, 2016

// Watch Sidney Moorer Ear and Neck Get Red // The Prosecutor Struck a Nerve // He Knew She Was Correct About What Happened That Night // Look At 1:04:07 - 1:05:00 @ 1:13:27 Onward // The Whole Video Is Spot On //

 // Watch Sidney Moorer Ears and Neck Get Red // The Prosecutor Struck a Nerve // He Knew She Was Correct About What Happened That Night // Look At - 1:04:07 - 1:05.00 @ 1:13:27 Onward // The Whole Video Is Spot On //   

Prosecutor Did A Great Job On Closing. Judge Had No Right To Stop Her.

 1:04:07 - 1-05:00 @  1:13:27 onward ...


Saturday, June 25, 2016

// A Hung Jury is so Frustrating // For the Elvis Family Especially // We All Know Sidney Moorer is Guilty // Tammy Moorer Too // Heather Elvis Case //

The Evidence is Overwhelming ...  Motive is Present ... Video Evidence ... Phone Records ...

                                                    // COME ON MAN //  

   ( December 18, 2013 ... )

 Sidney & Tammy Moorer had just got back in town. His cell phone went dead at 1:20 am. 

How convenient ! ...  Plotting they were. Had it all planned out. Thought it out for days, 

weeks. Now time to put it in play. Dec. 18 th. 2013, at 1;20 am Sidney removes his battery 

from his phone.

He's still at home. This so no one later can track his movements. He and Tammy had 

done their home work. Read up on how to get away with kidnapping and murder. 

Internet told them all they needed to know.

 Sidney drives to the local Wal-Mart to get a pregnancy test kit. They believe Heather 

Elvis is pregnant. Tammy Moorer cannot have this. Her husband fathering a child with 

a much younger woman. No way. Hell No. After Sidney leaves the Wal-Mart he drives 

to a pay phone ( ? ) Parks his truck around the corner and walks a ways to get to the pay 

phone. He calls a vulnerable young lady who is trying to move on with her life. He tell's 

Heather Elvis, who is safe at her apartment, that he left his wife. He loves her and needs 

to see her. They talk for nearly five minutes. Heather, young and naive, gets in her car to 

go see Sidney. The man she loves.

Unknown to her, this is a trap. A well planned out plot to kidnap and kill her.


 Sidney Moorer, the same man that was handcuffed to a bed by his crazed wife after she 

found out about the affair, leaves the pay phone and has to walk a ways back to his truck. 

He then drives back home just for one purpose. To put his battery back in his cell phone. 

( Police not able to trace a phone without it's battery installed, ) He calls Heather again. 

Battery in his phone, at home, part of the plot. After talking to Heather, again pulls out 

the battery. He had told Heather to meet him at the Peachtree Boat Landing. Once their 

at the boat ramp, Heather calls him. Sidney talks with her, removes his battery again, 

the gets in his truck and takes every dark back road that he possible can. Must not be 

seen. Heather see's the truck coming and gets out her car and locks it. Her Phone in 

hand.  She knows this is her man. Nothing to fear.  ( so, so young, not even lived yet )

 Heather Elvis is smiling and walks straight over to the truck and get's in. She never 

knew what hit her ... 3:43 am Heather Elvis phone goes dead forever. Heather has not 

been seen or heard from since.  30 months now. Her phone never used again. However, 

Sidney Moorer phone works just fine.

 So long as he keeps the battery in it. Works fine after dealing with his mistress ... But 

for over 3 hours on that faithful night his phone went off the grid a couple times 


  ... Planned ... Plotted ... Executed ...

  Sidney and Tammy Moorer think they have gotten away with the perfect crime  ...

God makes Monsters like these make Mistakes. It's up to Us and the Police to find 

those mistakes ...

  Police did Find their Mistakes :  Video Tapes from people homes and businesses 

show their mistakes. Pay phone video. ( who the hell uses a pay phone these days ?? 

kidnappers and murders ) ...

Truck coming and going from Moorers house at the exact time Heather Elvis 

Disappeared. Sidney Moorer lying to Police about calling Heather Elvis from 

a pay phone. Then admits he did call her ... Phone records ... Text Messages ...

Now all we need is a Honest Judge and an Intelligent Jury ...


          // SIDNEY MOORER // 

          // NOT A MAN AT ALL // 

         // TAMMY MOORER //

         // RING LEADER // 

Friday, June 24, 2016

// We Watched the Whole Trial // The Judge, Markley Dennis, looked like an Idiot up there // You think he would have Compassion for the Family that Lost their Daughter // Then the Judge Shakes the Suspect Hand when The Jury had just been Charged ? // Judge looked like he was one of those TV Judges, Idiot, and the other thing was how he Attacked the Prosecutor // Very Unprofessional // And Finally that Juror that Knew the Defense Lawyer, that should have never happened // I could have been a Juror // Or They could have found someone else //


 We Watched the Whole Trial. The Judge, Markley 

Dennis, looked like an Idiot up there. You think he 

would have Compassion for the Family that Lost 

their Daughter. Then the Judge Shakes the Suspect 

Hand when The Jury had just been Charged ?

Yelling at the Prosecutor was uncalled for. 

Unprofessional. Right in front of the Jury. Never 

letting the Prosecutor finish her Closing Arguments ?

Like he was for the Defense ... 


Judge looked like he was one of those T.V. 

Judges, Idiot, and the other thing was how he Attacked 

the Prosecutor. Very Unprofessional. And Finally that 

Juror that knew the Defense Lawyer, that should have 

never happened. I could have been a Juror. Or

They could have found someone else ...




// Hung Jury // Mistrial Declared in Heather Elvis Disappearance Case //

New Trial Date Yet To Be Set ...

10 Jurors Said Guilty - 2 Not Guilty ...

// Jury Deadlocked // Sidney Moorer Trial // Heather Elvis Case //

    1. Judge: I have only one request, I want you to go back taking turns to listen to strength & weakness of views
    2. Judge: I want you to go back in the jury room to continue deliberations
    3. Judge said there can be no disagreement about law. Judge asking jury to go back and discuss reasoning.
  1. - If jury is deadlocked, the State requests the judge give them an Allen Charge.
  2. Judge speaking with attorneys over the second note.
  3. - The jury may want a read back of some testimony.
  4. - Discussing the note.
  5. Deadlocked....I know of one juror that could have caused this. Surprise Surprise
  6. We'll see how badly the Judge can EFF up an Allen charge.
  7. Judge Dennis has just received another note. He is speaking with state and defense right now.
  8. - But wait. The judge has been handed another note from the jury.