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Saturday, August 23, 2014

// I wish I could Smack the Stupid out of People // lol //


// Last Recorded Year : 62.953 Whites Committed Crimes On Blacks. However, Same Year 320,082 Blacks Committed Crimes On Whites //

  1. Dolvett Quince ‏@dolvett  9h
    Watching the sadness surrounding the death of Mike Brown and loss to his family and community when will this madness stop
  2. Last recorded year: 62.953 whites committed crime on blacks. Same year 320,082 blacks committed crime on whites.
  3. Lot of new and race baiting Twitter accounts opened so they can spew vile lies about . Election year race baiting.



// Story Of An Officer Having To Take A Life // God Bless Officer Wilson, His Family And The Brown Family //

As I sit here and look at all the media coverage of the Ferguson MO I can't help but feel for Officer Wilson and the Brown family. I spent 20yrs in Law Enforcement and the last thing that I ever wanted to do was have to take someone's life but on a Sunday morning in 2006 it happened. It's something that I have to live with the rest of my life just as many other officers do. You see that persons image in your sleep and you will never forget it.
As I was standing in the mirror that morning adjusting my gear never did I think today is the day that I have to take a person's life. It was during a physical altercation that a man lost his life because of choices that he made. Yes it was a black male that lost his life that day. Our names were plastered all over the news the next day and I even kept my children out of school for fear of violence towards them.
Why do a handful of people in this country continue to make tragic issues into racial issues. I feel sure that the last thing Officer Wilson wanted to do was to take a person's life. My parents taught me to respect everyone it didn't matter what race they were and I still hold to that.
Our country is in trouble right now and we all need to stand together as one and bring it back. The great Martin Luther King Jr lost his life fighting to break racial tensions in our country and we should not give in to this crap. We all need to stand as one and rebuild our beautiful country.
I don't have a problem with someone protesting for something they believe in but burning, looting and hurting innocent people that's just bullshit.
This is a tragic incident that no one wins. Officer Wilson will live with this for this rest of his life.
God bless Officer Wilson, his family and the Brown family
I pray that God watches over all of our Law Enforcement

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

// ‘Time To Kill A Cop': Ferguson Protesters Throw Urine //

‘Time To Kill A Cop': Ferguson Protesters Throw Urine, Bottles At Police JUST WHEN YOU THINK IT CAN'T GET ANY WORSE

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// Michael Brown // 6' Foot, 200 lbs. Plus Thug //

Of the gang members on Brown’s Facebook Friends list, most seem to identify with the Bloods. Did see a few throwing the sign for the Vice Lords.

ScreenHunter_7438 Aug. 14 16.26

Would it surprise you to find out NBC edited that photo? Here is the full photo with Brown throwing what appears to be Gang Signs.

what a sham

Apparently Brown changed his mind. In 2012 he was showing Blood signs.

// Prostitution Sting // 59 Arrested In Greenville, SC //


Jennifer Lynn Mahan